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Rib knitted fabric is knitted fabric that consists of a single yarn forming loops in longitudinal rows on the front and back in turn.
The ribbed knitted fabric has the releasability, curling and elongation of plain weave fabric, as well as greater elasticity.
1x1 ribbed looks similar to plain cloth, but the structure of ribbed is looser, more elastic, and generally does not differentiate between front and back.
And the other structure of the rib, such as 2x2, 2x1 structure, due to the particularity of its structure, easy to distinguish from other fabrics.

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Cotton as raw materials made of rib fabric will be more soft tactility, the fabric is beautiful and easy to dress collocation, so this kind of fabric also suffered a fashion designer, in the dress shop also can see all kinds of thread t-shirts, hooded fleece products.
The cost of ribbed products is not high, cotton, polyester cloth is relatively easy to obtain raw materials, so the price of ribbed goods is relatively cheap
There is no big disadvantage of ribbed fabric foundation. Chemical fiber ribbed cloth is prone to pilling after water cleaning. Pilling phenomenon will be reduced to a certain level after a long wear

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1.Stitch, interlock
The weft knitting structure is composed of two ribbed structures interlaced with each other, in which the longitudinal coils of one ribbed structure are configured with the longitudinal coils of another ribbed structure.
(Double rib tissue)
2.Three Cord Stitch (Cord Stitch)
The warp knitting structure is composed of two warp knitting tissues, and the warp yarn alternately loops on the needle

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Мо бузургтарин таъминкунанда дар минтақа ҳастем, мо як занҷири пурраи таъминот бо миқдори зиёди корхонаҳо барои равандҳои гуногуни ҳунар дорем.


Knitted fabrics have good ductility due to the uniqueness of knitting methods, so ribbed fabrics also have good ductility. Clothes and pants made of good ductile fabrics also have many benefits. First, clothes and pants can be quickly restored after deformation and are not prone to wrinkle.
Rib fabric have 1 * 1 thread, thread 2 * 2 and 3 * 3 thread, etc., the rib fabric manufacturing raw materials can be used by chemical fibre in recent years (polyester cloth), rib fabric also gradually rise, the purpose of the rib fabric is extremely common,often use it to make clothes, T-shirt, hooded fleece.

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